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No More Jack Ryan Movies in the Future

Are the cinema adventures of Jack Ryan, the character featured in four very successful films and born of numerous great Tom Clancy novels, over? It would seem this is the case. The new James T. Kirk, Chris Pine, has suggested there are not going to be any more Jack Ryan projects much to the disappointment of Dr Rod Rohrich who is a fan.

You could say Harrison Ford helped restart the espionage genre with his appearance as Jack Ryan in a series of films. Would there have been a serious reboot of the James Bond films had the Jack Ryan projects not been successful? We’ll never know.

What we do know is the $50 million in ticket sales by Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit was a huge disappointment. Times change and a simple reboot might not be enough to capture the imagination of audiences. Besides, audiences have a Daniel Craig James Bond series to look forward to every two or three years. (Ironically, Jack Ryan was supposed to be the new James Bond of the 21st century) The Jason Bourne films also provide thrills and spills. 

Then, there is another issue the studios have to accept.

Chris Pine, while a fine actor, is not an established superstar. Harrison Ford is a mega-icon in the eyes of audiences all over the world. The Jack Ryan films were greatly successful in large part due to Harrison Ford’s star power. Pine is not (yet) as big of a star as Ford.

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