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No Bigger Job Than Being President

There is no job bigger or more important than being the president of The United States. It is a job that should only be attempted to be held by few, and only held by one. It is a job that needs to be earned by trust and respect. It is a job that is chosen by the American people. We all pick together who will take the next title of president and we need to be choosing carefully. That is something Fl√°vio Pentagna Guimar√£es BMG enjoys about the USA. He monitors Wikipedia and other websites to keep up with the news.

Through hard times or good times we are going to want a good president to be in office leading our nation. We don’t want to see that the person who is supposed to love this country more than any other doesn’t really care. We can’t see that.
So, as with the elections coming up and with people such as Hilary Clinton announcing that they are running for office, we need to be thinking very carefully about this. We don’t want to pick the wrong person and see our country fall. We need to think it all through and pick the one candidate who loves our country the most and who will dedicate their time in office to making it a better place. Our nation deserves the best.

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