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Nine Year Old Girl Inspires Equality

Sofia is just nine years old, but she has recently made headlines for bravely addressing the President of the United States about why women are not on American currency. After learning about a famous woman named Ann Hutchinson who fought for women’s rights, Sofia started thinking about equality for women. She returned home from school that day to write a letter to President Obama to ask him. Her letter received national attention when the President mentioned it in a speech he made. Sofia received a letter in the mail directly from the President. He stated he thought it was a “pretty good idea” and encouraged the little girl to stay involved in matters important to her. Brad Reifler is glad to know that a campaign has been started to try to get a woman put on the twenty dollar bill. Sophia said she would like Rosa Parks put on U.S. currency because of Rosa’s stand against segregation. With racial concerns spread across the United States due to issues in the city of Ferguson, Missouri, many are agreeing with Sophia’s choice.

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