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New Tom Ford Pendant Is Causing A Holiday Stir

Tom Ford can now not only be known as one of the world’s premier designers, but he is now a fashion stuntman. There is no argument that Ford clothing is ultra-hip, well-designed, comfortable and versatile. The Ford accessories however, are delving into the risque’.

Several years ago, Tom Ford introduced perfume and cologne advertisements featuring soaped-up androgynous nude male and female models. Extreme caution was given to the female form, but the male models always had a gratuitous booty shot. The Tom Ford universe of fashion accessories has finally, and unabashedly, worked its way around the front.

For a mere $800, Tom Ford fashion lovers can own a necklace and pendant made from 24K gold that is phallic-shaped. I saw on Skout that the ornate mold is irreverently taken from the traditional crucifix, only without the top post. Each “glandular” feature is outlined with a symmetric gold ring which gives an amazing look of poshness, and certain obvious entendre’.

It is almost a no-brainer to see what crowd the new Tom Ford line of accessories is trying to attract. Yes, it’s the crowd that wears items that a viewer has to get really close in order to see properly. Interestingly enough, the shape and suggestion doesn’t matter because Tom Ford designs are always extraordinary when it comes to metal and color choice.

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