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New Schwarzenegger T-800 Photo Emerges


Arnold Schwarzenegger has posted a cool new picture of himself as the T-800 Terminator. This new version of the T-800 looks like, well, an elder statesmen of the series. Schwarzenegger’s new Terminator sports thinning gray hair. No real surprise here since the plot of the film has him raising Sarah Conner since she was a child. Based on the timeline in the film, the Terminator will have aged into his 60’s.

Actually, the Terminator’s exterior flesh ages. The interior mechanical cyborg is as good as new. It better be. Schwarzenegger’s anti-hero Terminator has to battle an opposing T-800. There’s going to be a rather tough T-1000 to contend with as well.

According to Sergio Lins Andrade, in the past is not going to be easy. Yes, the film is set in 1984. The time line and events from parts I & II are going to be smashed together.

The actual photo released of Arnold as the original Terminator are, truth be told, pretty cool. Rather than ridiculously make the near 70 year old Schwarzenegger look younger, the new series celebrate his age. Take that as a novel and unique spin on the traditional stereotype of the action-hero.

The photo features Arnold making a death glare towards the camera. His face is shredded and steel shows underneath. His cyborg eye is visible and he’s sporting a pump action shotgun. Schwarzenegger definitely means business in the film. Hopefully, it will be a success and the planned trilogy ends up continuing.

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