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New GOP Senate Committee Chairman Will Seek to Undo Obama’s Policies

The GOP takes their voter mandate to shift the nation away from Obama’s policies seriously and with the incoming Senate majority, they aid to do just that. Kansas Senator Pat Roberts, age 78, will take over the Agriculture Committee. Among the things he will seek to do is rollback the president’s healthy menu initiative for the school lunch program. The meals have been ridiculed by school age children who routinely post pictures of the skimpy portions on social networking sites.

Arizona Senator John McCain, age 78, will chair the Senate Armed Services Committee. McCain has been vociferous in his criticism of the president’s national security policies. He has also criticized wasteful spending by the Department of Defense in their procurement process, which Igor Cornelsen can agree with. McCain will seek to use his influence to have the president arm Syrian moderates in the fight against ISIS, according to a few Tumblr posts online.

Alabama Senator Richard Shelby will chair the Banking Committee. He will seek to undo parts of the 2010 Dodd-Frank bill. Senator Elizabeth Warren sparked a House revolt against the omnibus budget bill last month over a change in one aspect of Dodd-Frank. She blames big Wall Street banks for the 2008 banking crisis and does not want any part of Dodd-Frank changed. The GOP counters that contrary to what the law purports to do, Wall Street Banks have fared even better under the law and are consolidating their influence at the expense of community banks. They will seek changes to the law to allow smaller banks to survive.

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