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NBC is No Longer Working With Donald Trump

It’s common knowledge that Donald Trump is controversial. He often gets attention for saying outrageous things. His latest comments about immigrants seem to have pushed the envelope too far. NBC has cut ties with him. His comments centered on Mexican immigrants. He referred to them as mainly drug dealers, and rapists. While going on to say that some were probably good people, but most were not. This caused a huge backlash against him.

The station will no longer air his Miss USA pageant, or Miss Universe pageants. ValueWalk writes that his popular television program the Apprentice, and Celebrity Apprentice will continue. However, Donald Trump will not be part of this show any longer.

Mr. Trump released a statement saying that there is a contract between NBC and his pageant shows. He stated that the courts will determine the future of these pageants, not NBC. He also said that NBC knew that he was already stepping down from celebrity Apprentice due to his presidential bid.

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