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Nanotubes Can Help to Detect and Destroy Cancer Cells

Cancer cells are among the more difficult disease tissues to destroy, once these cells have begun to grow. Surgeries and chemotherapy have long been the more advanced methods of finding and delivering an effective and long term treatment for this disease. Today there are laser devices that are being used to detect and destroy cancer cells before they begin to develop. Haidar Barbouti has heard that a modern microscopic gold tube or nanotube is one of the more promising technological advances in the field of medicine and oncology. More on Barbouti can be found on his Linkedin page.

A microscopic gold tube is inserted into an area of a patient, which has indications of abnormal cancer growth. A small tube is able to locate certain body lesions that may be diagnosed as cancerous. A near infrared light frequency generates heat and, also, makes the human skin areas transparent or easy to examine.

A laser nanotube with different strengths is used to reveal tumors. A higher frequency laser tube is effective in killing any tumorous cells that have been located. The nanotube is able to deliver medicine to the area of the patient’s body that needs further treatment and chemotherapy.

This newer form of medical surgery may allow future surgeons to use only injections and laser blasts to eliminate cancerous skin lesions and abnormal areas of cell growth. Scientists at the University of Leeds have successfully completed initial studies indicating useful applications of the nanotube for imaging and cancer removal.

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