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Mother Makes Serious Plea to Bickering Sons

Sibling rivalry has been a part of the worldwide landscape from the beginning of time when Cain and his brother, Abel, fought it out to the death. It can become so out of hand that it can ruin holiday events for families around the globe. The type of bickering that causes the siblings to fight and literally tear families to shreds can be things that should never be talked about in any kind of company. Politics is one of those subjects.

Two brothers joined a show to put in their two-cents about politics. One is republican, the other democrat. The polar opposite views that they share caused serious problems over the Thanksgiving festivities at their mother’s house. She called into the show to announce how dissatisfied she was with their behavior at Thanksgiving dinner. She told them that she wanted to have a peaceful Christmas, but it’s going to be one slow venture trying to get these brothers to agree on anything.

The men were shocked that their mother called in, showing clear signs that they were embarrassed by her call. That did not deter her from telling them that she hoped their fighting would cease before December 25. It almost seems like a pipe dream for that mother. Her boys are pretty set in their ways, but here is to hoping that they will mend the proverbial fence as the biggest Christmas gift they could give their mother.

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