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More Money for Jails

Most people know that it takes a good bit of money to operate a jail. Noticias reports there are employees who need to be paid, inmates who need to be fed and other costs that often don’t get factored in when people think about operating a jail. Some of the jails in New York are run at a cost that is more than what is being reported in the budget. Some jails are operating on $2 billion, but the budget is understating that amount by $1 billion, claiming that it doesn’t take as much money to make sure a jail can stay open. Some blame the jails for not reporting all of the expenses while others blame the government for not wanting to pay for a service that is provided by the county or city. Some of the costs are hidden in the budgets of the cities, but it shouldn’t be hidden. Residents need to know how much money it takes to keep criminals off the streets as well as those who have been arrested for petty crimes who are taking up room in the jails, wasting away the money of taxpayers.

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