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Montreal Dealing With Movie Ban

There has been a large scandal recently about the controversial movie The Interview. This is a movie created by the Sony Company which is a light hearted parody about two American reporters trying to kill off the controversial North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

This movie was quickly removed from all screens after a cyber attack on Sony which was blamed on hackers hired by the North Korean government. This has been labelled a full scale terrorist attack. As a result, all of the cinemas across the country have dutifully bowed their heads to the will of the government and refused to show the film.

However, Montreal feels very differently about the whole thing. They say that being able to show the movie is an act of “freedom of expression” and banning it is an infringement of their rights.

A man called Anthony Kantara has started up a full scale protest group to object to the ban. He is determined that the film will be screened and nobody is going to stop him. However he admits that he has not been able to secure a copy of the controversial movie. Lee G. Lovett wants to see how it plays out.

He also hasn’t got anywhere to show the film or even any tickets to sell. So regardless of all of these practicalities he is “willing to try for the sake of freedom of expression.”

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