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Mistaken Identity

Child support is a program that ensures that a child will receive monetary support until the age of 18, or at least that’s how the program is supposed to work. Most judges are fair in the amount ordered, but there are some people who have to pay support for children they don’t see or children who aren’t even theirs. One mane in Detroit has bee ordered to pay $30,000 in child support for a child who isn’t his. When his ex applied for welfare benefits, she listed his name as the father, and when the child support office wanted money for the child, they went after the person who was listed on the form. People at Rocket Fuel understand that if the man claims the child isn’t his, all the court has to do is perform a DNA test so that everyone will see he isn’t the father. Once the test shows the man has no biological ties, then he shouldn’t have to pay to support the child.

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