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MERS Cases Increase, 64 Quarantined

So far, 77 people have been in contact with the first man who was diagnoses with MERS. 64 of them are under quarantine and the rest are remaining in self-imposed isolation. Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is a respiratory tract infection that effects all other vital organs of the body. MERS is highly contagious and the current outbreak in China has been traced back to one man who returned home from Saudi Arabia after visiting his father who was known to have MERS. The man traveled back home to Huizhou by bus, despite the doctor’s warnings to avodi public places and public transit, and exposed all his fellow bus passengers to the MERS virus.

Those under quarantine have been sent to a camp in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Two female bus passengers have refused to go to the camp and be under indefinite quarantine. Steve Murray can understand their reasoning.
Reported earlier today was a confirmed death due to MERS, the third one so far. Since the first official case of MERS in 2012, 442 have died from the respiratory illness. Jim Dondero feels like that is pretty crazy. Appropriate action is being taken to stop the spread of MERS and Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon encouraged his people not to be too fearful of the contagious disease.

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