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Meet the Multi-Dimensional Bruce Levenson

Generally speaking, Bruce Levenson is greater as a whole than any one of his multidimensional parts. From beating the streets for a story for either the Washington Star or providing valuable information through the Observer Publishing energy information newsletter prior to co-founding and launching the United Communications Group in 1977, Mr. Levenson began his career helping others with whatever and wherever he saw a need. Throughout his college and business career path he continually demonstrates his concern by lending a helping hand to his fellow citizens whenever he can.

Through the years, Bruce Levenson, has been proactively involved in a diverse assortment of philanthropic ventures from his participation in the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C., the Hoop Dreams Foundation, to spearheading the Washington D.C. chapter of the, I have a Dream Foundation, as its president. Levenson knows and demonstrates the importance that education plays in helping impoverished and low-income children pursue the goal of a receiving a higher education.

By looking at only one aspect of this man, Bruce Levenson is to be doing an extreme injustice on the man and his wife as a whole. When we look at this man through the eyes of understanding that we all have different compartments to our lives, and that each of those compartments influences, and effectively creates the people that we are and will become. This is never more evident than in the multidimensional life of Bruce Levenson, and his wife, Karen Levenson.

When seeking to learn about the people and influencers in our society, we should learn to look at the person as a whole, instead of focusing on the individual parts to a person. That’s the case with Bruce Levenson. We all grow, change and develop, at different rates, and many times, we only want to see people as a one dimensional being, instead of seeing the bigger portrait of the person that is truly displayed.

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