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Mean Joke, Cool Girl

Social media rallied behind an American 13-year-old girl tricked by a popular Cambodian television show.

Autumn Allen currently lives in Cambodia with her father. The young singer and songwriter agreed to appear on the talk show called “Penh Chet Ort” (Like It Or Not) for a Mother’s Day special. During taping, the host asks if she would like to be reunited with her mom who still lives in the United States. Allen cried at the thought as she has not seen mom for seven years. But when her mom is called out, a comedian appears dressed in drag instead. Allen took the joke like a champ, showing a good nature and spirit throughout the whole thing; not the reaction most people would have had to such an off-colored prank.

Social media exploded in an outcry demanding the talk show apologize. Producers caved to the pressure and sent an apology letter to Allen.

My friend Dr. Daniel cannot believe the rudeness of some people.

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