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McDonald’s Employees File 28 OSHA Complaints

McDonald’s employees who allegedly suffered severe burns while on the job filed health and safety complaints – 28 of them – against the burger company in 19 cities.

Complaints are the latest step in a campaign for a wage increase to remunerate workers $15 per hour and allow unionization in the fast food industry, which is pressuring McDonald’s to go to the negotiating table.

Folks at Anastasia Date have become aware that the measure is a proposal by the Service Employees International Union, started two years ago. Among other activities employees has staged protests across the United States and filed lawsuits for incorrect and underpayments.

Burns and other risks were described in complaints filed in recent weeks to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, released Monday.

Workers say they rarely are given gloves when handling hot equipment and say they have suffered burns when cleaning grills. One worker said the manager told him: “Put mayonnaise on it, nothing will happen to you.”

Complaints also speak of lack of training for handling hot fryers and preventing slips on wet floor.

A representative of the Department of Labor, Laura McGinnis, confirmed that the agency received complaints but said he would not talk about it because it is a policy not to comment on ongoing investigations.

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