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MB2 Gives You a Reason to Smile

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, DMD founded MB2 Dental Solutions in 2009. The company is based in Carrollton, Texas. Dr. Villanueva DMD serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He started out his career with his own sole practice but eventually became frustrated by the negative issues that running the business entailed. In order to address these issues for both dentists in a sole practice as well as in a group practice he founded MB2 Dental Solutions in order to address those problems. The vision of the Dr. Villanueva DMD is to promote the positive aspects of sole practitioners and group practices while also also reducing the negative aspects of each.

MB2 Dental Solutions helps their affiliated dentists by handling most of the business functions of their practices. MB2 can handle all of the non-clinical care areas of running the practice, freeing the dentist to concentrate on their patients. Examples of what business services MB2 provides dentists is human resources, compliance, billing, marketing, training, and IT. They provide a full business suite of services to affiliated dentists so that their practice is run efficiently, and the dentist doesn’t have to give up control of patient care.

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva obtained his Bachelors of Microbiology at the University of Florida and his DMD at Nova Southeastern University. In his career he has practiced as an as associate dentist and as an associate dentist trainer. He has mentored other dentists and has been a strong proponent of the doctor-focused practice model. As Chief Executive Officer Dr. Villanueva DMD has put together a great team of management at MB2 Dental Solutions. Some of the leadership at the company consists of Justin Puckett performing as President, Chief Operating Officer Justin Carroll, and Mark Fuller acting as Chief Financial Officer. MB2 Dental is wholly owned by dentists so the company is able to provide what is best for both patients and dentist providers.

MB2 has greatly expanded since 2009. Since 2009 they have now expanded into having independently owned and operated affiliated dentists in 70 practices in 6 states. The states that MB2 Dental has expanded to so far include Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Alaska.


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