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Mary Landrieu Loses Support of Possible 60th Vote to End Keystone Pipeline XL Filibuster

It’s coming down the wire for Sen. Mary Landrieu. The tenacious senator, who once threatened to punch President George W. Bush in the face over an insensitive remark he never made about her home state during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, is facing a landslide defeat in the December 6 runoff against GOP Congressman Bill Cassidy. She trails Cassidy by 16 points in the polls and needs to bring about a Seismic shift in voter support in order to get reelected. Already five of her Senate colleagues have been tossed out of office this election cycle.

Landrieu views securing passage of the Keystone Pipeline XL project in the Senate as her Hail Mary bid to sway voters back. It would be a major accomplishment if she were to single-handedly end the longstanding Senate filibuster on the pipeline. Thus far, she has secured 59 of the 60 votes needed to end cloture and force a floor debate on the bill. Last night she claimed she had the 60 votes. However, Senator Angus King, largely believed to be one of the possible 60th votes, declared that he will vote against ending cloture. He said that the Senate should not force President Obama to authorize the pipeline until the State Department is done with their research. He would favor legislation putting a timeline on the president, but that would not happen in time to help Landrieu. Her other possible 60th vote was Senator Jay Rockefeller who announced he too will vote against ending cloture.

Because this story affects many of my readers and the future of their homes and properties, I’ve reached out Jason Halpern from “The Real Deal” to give us anymore information.

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