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Marvel’s New Universe

In a time when studios and filmmakers are rebooting movie franchises left and right, Marvel Studios is taking on a brand new approach to pop culture domination. By blending both major Hollywood blockbuster films with television shows into one universe, fans gain a totally new experience.

One of the hottest film franchises around right now is Marvel’s Avengers. Sam Tabar is a fan of all the films so far. This all encompassing film franchise encompasses not only the Avengers films, but also the solo films of each super hero. With brand new films in the works for Iron Man, Captain America and Thor, plus new film additions from Black Panther, it doesn’t look like this is about to stop anytime soon.

What sets these films apart from the rest of the ‘clad in tights’ super hero movies is how they connect with each other. Instead of each one existing in their own world, they actually all exist in the same world. The movies all overlap in both story and character, bringing the audience into a whole new world.

As if that wasn’t enough, Marvel Studios has decided to take on the television landscape, as well. By applying this same approach, they have turned Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. into a prime time hit. In January they launch a new show, Agent Carter, which will add even more depth to this ever expanding comic universe.

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