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Marketing Trend Analyst Victoria Doramus Details Her Path To Recovery From Drug Addiction

Victoria Doramus became a professional in the digital and print media after completing her university education. She worked at companies such as Creative Arts Agency and Trendara were her job was to analyze market trends around the globe in regards to what people were buying at retail stores. She has also twice been a personal assistant. Once was for Peter Borg who is a film director and producer and the other time for the chief executive officer of Creative Arts Agency.

While fashion guru Victoria Doramus was doing well in her chosen profession her personal life was falling into the chaos of drug addiction. She had her first rehab stint in 2011 when she was 26 years old. She stayed there for a month and a half and then moved back to Los Angeles. However, she says that she didn’t really understand even after this that what she had was a disease and that keeping away from drugs would be a lifelong battle.

Her second stay in rehab occurred in 2016. This time she stayed for two months at a rehab clinic in Connecticut. It wasn’t until she was homeless and out of options that Victoria Doramus hit rock bottom and truly sought out treatment for her disease. She stayed at Burning Tree in Austin, Texas, for months. Afterward, she was released to a halfway house. She found work as a waitress at a nearby restaurant and started to put in over 40 hours of work a week. This led to her getting together enough money to visit her mom in Nashville, Tennessee, who she hadn’t seen for a number of years.

Victoria Doramus now spends her time in New York City giving back to others. She volunteers for several charities with the Amy Winehouse Foundation being chief among these. She wants to teens and young adults to understand how easy it is to get addicted to drugs so they know to avoid it. Victoria Doramus is still highly involved with AA and has plans to open a halfway house after she secures the funding for it.


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