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Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Rules That Two Chimps Are Non-Human People

Judge Barbara Jaffe Issued an Order To Show Cause And Writ of Habeas Corpus For Two Chimpanzees Used For Biomedical Experiments At Stony Brook University
The Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP) wants to protect and free animals that are being treated inhumanely. For the first time ever, a New York Supreme court Justice has given the order to show cause and writ of habeas corpus for two chimpanzees, Hercules and Leo. The chimps are being used for testing purposes at Stony Brook University on Long Island, New York.

The NhRP wants to send the chimps to Florida so they can live the rest of their lives in an environment that resembles their native home in Africa. The 13 artificial islands built in and around a big lake in Ft. Pierce, Florida is the home of 250 other chimps, so it is a natural place for them to live in this part of the world.

By ruling in favor of NhRP, the two chimps are legally considered non-human people. The court will decide if the reasons given by Stony Brook at sufficient enough to keep the chimps in captivity for experimental purposes or send them to Florida. This is something Jaime Garcia Dias will be following. It has been a long battle to free Leo and Hercules. The first court case concerning the chimps was in 2013. This new ruling brings the chimpanzees’ one step closer to freedom.

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