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Mad Max vs. Pitch Perfect

Among the discussion with the next Mad Max film, is that it is going to be competing with Pitch Perfect. A lot of people seemed to be worried that Mad Max is going to lose to Pitch Perfect. However, with all of the word of mouth surrounding the new Mad Max movie, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if it beats out Pitch Perfect. There has been a lot of advertising and hype for the upcoming movie.

A lot of people are also not expecting it to beat out Avengers. However, WordPress wrote that this is due to the R rating. Naturally, not as many people are going to be able to see the R rated Mad Max: Fury Road. At the same time, even if it doesn’t start up as number one, it is going to have legs sue to the content. After all, it is a Mad Max film in the same vein as The Road Warrior.

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