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Logan Stout: Offering Healthy Living Options For All Through IDLife

Logan Stout has enjoyed baseball and other different sports since he was a young boy. He has always had a fascination with winning strategies and how to develop them. Logan was born in Texas and graduated from JJ Pearce High School. He was part of the Student Athletic Council and during his education at Pearce, he was both on the varsity baseball team and basketball team.

As an entrepreneur, he’s a natural seeker of success. Logan Stout started off by being a professional baseball athlete and was included in 17 World Series events. At Panola, Logan Stout attended and earned​ his Business Degree. Not only did he attend Panola, but he also earned his Psychology Degree at the University of Dallas.

Some of his best memories in his early childhood would involve playing sports with friends and teammates. One of the things that he really feels proud about is serving as a mentor and encouraging young people who are struggling in their life. His passion led to the development of the Dallas Patriots, which is one of the biggest organizations​ in the world today.

The Dallas Patriots offers community service and volunteer positions to people who are willing to help him accomplish his goals. Logan’s creative ideas has led him to a path of success and entrepreneurship that would be considered selfless. He wants to make sure that he’s helping people the best he knows how through physical health by focusing on the body, soul, and well-being of the mind. This form of thinking has led him to the creation of new and innovative health care products. In 2014, he developed a line of products called IDLife. IDLife includes energy supplements and shakes to assist with weight management and healthy living. His marketing approach was very unique because he was able to offer potential clients a free personalized assessment that would include a quick questionnaire. The questionnaire would then assist his staff into offering each client the best combination of products for their needs.

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