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Lime Crime, the Leading Producer of Cosmetic Products

Lime Crime, the largest producer of cosmetics, happens to be the brainchild of Doe Deere. As the Founder and CEO of the cosmetics brand, Doe Deere has always maintained a high productivity level at the beauty company, introducing new and unique products once in a while. With its many unusual items, the cosmetics company has proven to be a robust competitor in an already established market.

With products like the LimeCrime pocket candy palette in bubble gum, the pocket candy palette in sugar plum, and Lime Crime pocket candy palette in pink lemonade, it has become possible for the company to give consumers something out of the ordinary. Today, the brand boasts of producing products that cost $35, and &90 per every full package.

Thanks to the forward thinking of Doe Deere, all of the items set for release come September have taken up one theme, that of the Polly pocket toys you were once fond of as a child. Apart from relieving the fond memories of the 90s, the new editions by the cosmetic’s brand will help you boldly meet your beauty needs.

The new palettes from cosmetics brand resemble the dolls you once kept at the back of your Jordache-branded jeans. Since the products from Doe Deere all happen to be eyeshadow palettes, they come in three distinct shades which when applied, blowout into five highly appealing shadows. With the many options at your disposal, you have no alternative other than to look magnificent.

Thanks to Doe Deere, women from all across the globe now have that once in a lifetime opportunity of dressing up in a bold look that fully brings out their real persona. With Doe having created the cosmetics company back in 2004, the Lime brand has grown into a robust institution serving people in all corners of the world. It has undoubtedly taken a lot of hard work and commitment from Doe Deere to bring Crime to the top of the list, something that makes Doe a proud person. For a taste of glamour, take a look at what the brand has to offer.

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