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Life Achievements of Capitalist and Investor Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar, capital strategist and reputable attorney, has added developing a startup to his resume. THINX, a small startup supporting African women make underwear to support women in underdeveloped countries. The underwear is specifically designed to help those that are suffering from menstruation and poor conditions. Each pair of the underwear comes with a built in sanitary pad that contains reusable cloth. That women in underdeveloped countries don’t have to miss work or school every time they get their period and aren’t prepared.

Tabar stands behind the mission of THINX because the financial support not only helps those in need, but also encourages communities to give back and think about others. After all, there are global issues going on right now that are more important than some may think. Giving back can often be the best reward one may receive.

Impeccable Career of Sam Tabar from Sam Tabar

THINX started their business through kick starter and got enough funds to grow and produce five different styles of underwear. Every purchase made towards this fund send seven reusable cloths based on AFRIpads. Now all women are able to leave their homes even during the duration of a period. This changes the way people live because otherwise they would have no choice but to stay at home.

Tabar has experience working as legal counsel to investment groups and is a director of Merill Lynch. He understands the investment market all to well. Tabar graduated from Colombia Law School and worked with various hedge funds. He served as senior associate catering for hedge funds before investing in THINX.

The group of women that created THINX met Tabar through mutual friends. Even though he was not looking to invest at the time of the startup the mission was too tempting to pass up. The company had huge success with various kick starting campaigns and crowdfunding methods. The five different models of underwear are available in many different styles and comfort levels. This will keep women participating in their daily lives and more confident than ever.

Tabar is a reputable attorney and capital strategist based in NYC. He began his career an associate at Skadden and Slader right after graduating high school. You could say that this was to get industry experience and build up a resume. It wasn’t long before he started to work up the ladder and start to be a leader. Tabar even taught various clients.

He joined Merill Lynch as a director and head of capital. He returned to the large field and also left in a year span.

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