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Learn More About An Upcoming Episode Of “Becoming Us”

“Becoming Us” is a new show that is about a man who decides to transition into a woman, and his son Ben, who is a teenager, he’s having a hard time with the entire transition. The Show “Becoming Us”. Ben had decided to distance himself from his father, who is now known as Carly because he had a hard time with Carly’s transition. On an upcoming episode, Carly asks Ben to take a camping trip with her so they can bond. Ben seems to have a problem with letting go of his iPhone, which is something that many people can relate to today.

Brad Reifler agrees that many young kids out there today seem to be glued to their smartphones, and some even sleep with the phone beside them. Carly lets it be known that she wants quality time, and the phone is going to be a problem. You can even see a clip of the upcoming show on MTV News, and you clearly see that Ben has a problem letting go of his electronics. Although Ben has an issue with losing his father to a transition that he doesn’t fully understand, there is hope that Ben will accept his father for who he is going to be, which is Carly.

This show is something that can be very helpful for those who are going through the same trials and tribulations, especially those who don’t accept people who are different. The show airs on ABC Family, and it’s based on a family from Evanston, Illinois

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