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League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Reboot

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Reboot in the Works

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen started off as a comic created by Alan Moore. The main characters of the series were notable heroes from famous literature such as Captain Nemo and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Back in 2003, the comic series was brought to movie theaters in an adaptation featuring Sean Connery, that was unfortunately met with disgust and intense dislike from moviegoers. However, this has not recently stopped 20th Century Fox from planning to reboot the franchise by making a new film about it.

While there are plans to get this project underway, the studios haven’t yet established a director or a working script for the film, but they have added John Davis as the producer for the film according to Susan McGalla. Davis is noted for working with films including the original Predator, AVP: Alien vs. Predator and even television shows such as the smash hit The Blacklist.

As for the first film in 2003, the reason it is notorious for being bad is because there was a ton of tension on set between Sean Connery and director Stephen Norrington. This was in addition to the film not being a very good adaptation of the comic series it originated from, even going so far as to add other characters that weren’t present.

Regardless, Fox has little to no problem trying to make a better adaptation and movie.

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