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Kylie’s Outfit During Children’s Holiday Party With Tyga Gets Backlash

Kylie Jenner and Tyga have been seen doing so many things together and most of them are done in private however when it comes to their charity work they always make sure to do that in public and this time Kylie made sure that nobody missed her especially not the Keith Mann Dynamic Search Partners. The couple made their way to the Teen Impact Holiday Party at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to spend some time with the kids and spread some cheer but Kylie’s outfit is what is getting most of the attention..

Of course Kylie Jenner isn’t going to be caught dead with Tyga looking anything less than amazing however some are saying that she went a little overboard when she decided to show up to the children’s hospital wearing a pair of skin tight ripped jeans, white crop top and high heels.

Still, credit should be given to the couple for taking time to always give back, especially when it comes to children that are sick. Even though some of the boys at the event may have been more focused on Kylie than the big wagon of toys Tyga brought to the event, the photos of the event are evidence that everyone had a great time.

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