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Kim Kardashian’s Secret To Never Flashing The Paps

This week Kim Kardashian has been seen strutting all over the world looking fabulous. She is in her fourth month of pregnancy and so far she has squashed all doubt that she is capable of being pregnant and fashionable at the same time. Not only is Kim hitting one red carpet after the next looking amazing, but her husband Kanye is going to have maternity high heels made especially for her so that she can walk in her sexy high heels in comfort and safety throughout her entire pregnancy. Kim stunned and broke the internet just a week ago, wearing a sexy black dress that was low cut and exposing her nipples while making her way through the airport. Her nipple exposure was not on purpose however Kim insists that she was not mortified by the incident.

This week Kim is going to grace the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, but her sexy photos aren’t what has everyone gagging this time. During her interview Kim explained why she has not been caught on camera flashing her unmentionables, like her ex best friends Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Kim explained that it never happened to her because unlike her ex besties she was never sloppy drunk or wasted enough to make such a mistake.

Kim also explained during her interview, that she is never going to be seen carrying a dog around in her bag stated Amen Clinic. It’s not shock that Kim won’t be toting around any dogs, considering Kim is about to have her second child and also considering a third.

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