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Jorge Moll Shares Insights On

The educational background of Jorge Moll includes a medical degree from the University of Rio de Janiero. Mr. Moll also completed his medical residency at this college. Jorge then completed a Ph.D. degree at the University of Sao Paulo in pathophysiology. He lives with his family in the city of Rio de Janiero.

Dr. Jorge Moll is now actively involved in many organizations and causes. He has always wanted to help people who have their lives impacted negatively by medical conditions. Mr. Moll founded and leads the D’Or Institute of Research and Education in the capacity as president and board member. Jorge Moll also serves as the director of the Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit.  Also, he is a member of the Neuroinformatics Workgroup.

Mr. Moll gave a brief interview on The first question that he answered during the interview was how did he come up with the idea to create D’Or Insitute of Research and Education? Dr. Moll said that he had always wanted to promote healthcare, scientific research, and education in his home country of Brazil. The D’Or Institute fulfills those goals.

Next, Jorge was asked about his daily regimen at work. He said that meetings take up the bulk of his work time. Dr. Moll says that he collaborates with fellow medical experts, scientists, businessman, and even students. He believes that having a free flow of ideas is vital to innovation. inquired how Jorge Moll turns his ideas into actual things. Dr. Moll responded by saying that ideas abound. However, only a certain number of ideas are actually feasible. You have to pick and choose which ideas can be implemented. This is the hard part of turning ideas into practical  solutions to problems.Moll then added that he tends to favor ideas that allow for collaboration and a plan of action for execution. He believes these ideas have the best chance of success.

In the interview, Dr. Moll added that he is fascinated by artificial intelligence and gene therapy. These are new scientific and high-tech developments that can lead to a lot of innovations and solutions to existing problems. Regenerative medicine is also something exciting to him.

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