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John Textor’s Rise Up The Corporate Ladder

California-based businessman, John Textor has enjoyed a precipitous rise to the top of the corporate structure. Textor, who graduated from Wesleyan University in 1987 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, began his ascension through the business world in 1997 upon being named Managing Partner of the private equity firm, Wyndcrest Holdings. At the Florida-based establishment, Textor focused on entertainment business, telecommunications and social media. Following his stint at Wyndcrest, Textor, from 2002 until early 2006, held various executive level positions at entities that included Baby Universe, Sims Snowboards and the Michael Swerdlow Companies. Textor also served as Founding Director of Lydian Trust Company/

In 2006, Textor entered the field of Visual Effects, an industry he would transform and enjoy his greatest successes. It was May of that year when Textor became Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Digital Domain Productions and Digital Media Group, a company which creates computer-generated images appearing on television and in the movies.

While at the helm of Digital Domain, Textor oversaw the visual effects projects of twenty-five films, including the blockbuster Transformers and other well-known movies, like Tron Legacy, Flags Of Our Fathers, Real Steel and Pirates Of The Caribbean: World’s End. Textor’s stewardship also saw Digital Domain earn the reputation as being a market leader in the visual effects realm. The company was bestowed numerous prestigious honors, such as the CLIO Award for achievement in advertising, in addition to Academy Awards (Oscars) for accomplishment in motion pictures. The most notable merit occurred in 2009 when the work of Textor’s company on the movie, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, earned an Oscar for Best Visual Effects. Textor and his employees were credited with creating the first computer-generated actor to come across as an actual human being.

Textor has also met with success as a producer, first in feature films like Ender’s Game and Art Story, but also in musical productions. His visual creations of Tupac Shakur and Elvis Presley highlighted the 2012 Coachella Music Festival. Textor also received high praise for engineering a computer-generated version of Michael Jackson, which performed at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. Now Executive Chairman at Pulse, Textor has his sights set on bringing more deceased performers to life and is currently in discussion with several estates.

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