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A National Exchange
Pulse Evolution Corporation is a leader in the development of highly realistic digital humans. This would include the digital live performances of these human reproductions. This is virtual reality based. This is machine intelligence with entertainment at the core. They have reported their results for their second fiscal quarter. It had ended on December 31, 2014. This company has announced their intention to file a S-1 registration statement. They have announced and disclosed that a 5.0 million dollar investment from Strategic Partners. This has been reported on CNN Money Pulse.

Satisfied with Business and Technology Outcomes
The current reporting periods has left this company very satisfied and pleased with the outcomes of the combination of business and technology. These outcomes are a result of the beginning development stages. This is a company that has established themselves an early market leader. The lead within the creation of digital humans that are highly realistic. This company has been positioned as a leading developer of this highly intriguing and exciting new form of entertainment.

Operating Expenses Disclosed
This company has disclosed the total operating expense during the three and the six month period that ended December 31, 2014. The grand total was 7,024,761. A large portion of the overall operating expenses are devoted to the development areas. This incorporated entertainment and technology properties. These are related to its revenue share agreements with the following:
*Elvis Presley
*Michael Jackson
*Marilyn Monroe
This company is also devoting a large amount of resources toward the development of realistic machine intelligence and software.

John Textor is Chairman
Mr. John Textor is the current Chairman of Pulse Revolution.He has a powerful and strong vision for the Michael Jackson and Tupac holograms. He is the responsible individual for the following:
*special projects
*right acquisition
*venue partnerships
*relationships with major media companies

Digital Entertainment
Pulse Evolution is a leader in this new form of technology entertainment. This is a leader that is in the process of continuing to expand on this reality-based entertainment. Live performances of the celebrity look-alikes are continuing in the overall development process. This company does have share agreements in place. The main focus is to generate revenue the agreements.

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