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Jim Toner’s Journey to Success

With nearly three decades of experience in the real estate business, Jim Toner has made a lasting impact on the business. A successful entrepreneur, Toner has learned just what it takes to overcome adversity and succeed in this space. He has seen nearly every thing possible during his career, leading him to make some changes in his career path. He recently shared his experience and what he learned.

Jim Toner spent years in the real estate business. In 2010 some things began to change however, and he felt it was time for a change. Toner felt a national ‘guru’ was hurting his business along with his clients. This person stole money and basically caused Toner’s business to sink. It was the ultimate straw that broke the camel’s back. Toner decided to leave real estate and pursue other things.

This period of time became a much needed brake for Jim Toner. During this time he spent lots of hours helping business owners and entrepreneurs by giving them advice and guidance to improve their business. He even used this time to write a book titled ” Send in the Wolves.” The book was very successful landing at #1 on Amazon. Toner however never lost his passion for real estate. A call from a friend soon convinced him to make a return to the real estate world.

Toner’s return to real estate was not without some conditions. Toner had two conditions that he forced himself to keep when he returned. His conditions are as follows: He would always pick the market in which we would operate; He would recruit the best local investor in that town to operate his program. This set of standards has allowed Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) to re-enter the real state world and avoid the pitfall he had experienced previously. Today he is as successful and happy as ever.

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