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Jim Tananbaum’s Healthcare Investments Empire

Jim Tananbaum is the CEO of his Company, Foresite Capital. Foresite Capital is popular for its track record in healthcare investments solutions. The company’s core business entail identifying emerging healthcare leaders in the industry and supporting them with the right networks, information, and capital.

Way before venturing in Foresite Capital, Jim helped start two large biopharmaceutical companies and healthcare investment entities; GelTex Pharmaceuticals and Theravance, Inc. The two companies are now worth over $3.2 billion.

Other investments by Jim include Prospect Venture Partners II and III and Sierra Ventures. Jim is commended for establishing the healthcare services investments of Sierra Ventures.

Jim also led some major investments in the industry. Some of these include like Amira Pharmaceuticals, Healtheon, Amerigroup, and Jazz Pharmaceuticals. His main motivation for starting Foresite Capital was the desire to integrate the different bits of his career into one investments platform. Check out his page for more info.

To date, Foresite Capital has invested in over 77 healthcare companies in the various fields of medicine. A few of these include Therapeutics, Aerie Pharmaceuticals, 10x Genomics and Aimmune Therapeutics.

On a typical day at work, Jim is mostly on the phone or in meetings with his team members. Family time is crucial to him; he always makes a point of getting home in time to catch dinner with them. You can visit Medium to know more.

His major inspiration comes from healthcare entrepreneurs who go out of their way to provide significant innovations in the health sector.

According to Jim, the one habit that keeps him productive is his love for books. The guy is always learning; always driven to find the best solutions to problems. If he was to start again, Jim would have more faith in himself. He would consult less and follow his instincts more.

Jim went to Yale for his undergraduate where he graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering / Computer Science. He later got an M.D. and M.B.A. from Harvard and an M.S. from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. When growing up, he was crazy about the relationship between hard sciences and Computer Science.

In the spirit of giving back, Jim is an active member of Yale School of Engineering and the Harvard-MIT HST program advisory boards.

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