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Jeremy Goldstein a renowned business lawyer

Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer based in New York and has been practicing law in New York for many years. He started working for big firms and has the experience of compensation and monetary legality. A lot of factors should be considered so that an economic environment which is sustainable for corporations could be created. Jeremy Goldstein has had a lot of experience in such situations which could cause turmoil for long-term investors and the incentives for employees in a business. An area that particularly caught his interest is the Earnings Per Share- EPS and also other incentive-based programs. Earnings Per Share influence the stock market a great deal and in line with handling employee incentives, EPS is generally a good thing. The drive for shareholders to buy or sell is largely influenced by EPS. In studies conducted, it has been found out that the inclusion of EPS in the overall pay structure for a company would make the company more successful. On the downside, since the shares have a competitive characteristic, this would sometimes lead to entities taking advantage of EPS and using it unfairly. Those opposing EPS to be used within organizations argue that it would be misused by those leading the companies. The corporate leaders may be driving share sales at the expense of meeting the metrics in reference to EPS. This could be misleading at the same time it could also be illegal. In addition, opponents have noted that the EPS and the metrics involved could only be after short-term profits. There is a slight window of opportunity for the firms to grow and future reinvestment to take place. The critics feel that the pay based on performance are not reliable and they change constantly. On the use of using EPS to back the stock exchange has stirred a lot of worries. Larry Fink who is an expert state that the metrics including EPS and pay based on performance are bent on hurting the companies and the employees also the shareholders. He advises that the companies should focus their investments on long-term goals and the companies will definitely find a way of strengthening the value of their shares. Jeremy Goldstein, however, is of the opinion that there should be a compromise on the issue of EPS. He recommends that the corporate leaders for companies should be held to account for their actions. The performance-based pay for employees in companies should be measured in accordance with the long-term goals for the company and the corporate leaders should be keen on this. Jeremy Goldstein is an aggressive attorney for business. He writes journals giving advice on current and popular issues. He has been ranked among the top choices for legal counsel according to Legal 500 and Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for business. Jeremy Goldstein is an active member of the American Bar Association Business Section. He helps people who are affected by mental illness through the contributions he makes to Fountain House. He chairs the Mergers and Acquisitions Committee for the Executive Compensation Committee.
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