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Jeff Schneider and His Priorities

As soon as people realize that they have the tools to help themselves, positive change begins. For example, when people find a way to pull themselves out of unfortunate pre-existing circumstances that surround them, it’s a win for them and for their community. Assisting these individuals in creating a wellness routine is arguably the first step in shifting the undercurrents of any city, and Austin seems to be beyond the national curve.

Jeffry Schneider, a dad to 3 and leader of an Austin-based company, is a busy man. People with demanding schedules tend to make excuses as to why they can’t give back to their communities or dedicate time to their health, so Jeffry Schneider stands out in a crowded world of hurried professionals. It’s motivational to see how much time he manages to set aside for his health especially compared to others in his industry.

His dedication to a healthy lifestyle exemplifies the idea that no one is too busy to change their lifestyle. Rather than waste time finding reasons why he can’t accomplish something, Jeff just goes for it. He runs marathons, works out daily, eats healthy food, and practices meditation. Because he wants to be more productive and live a longer, happier life, Jeff doesn’t make excuses that support why he cannot accomplish a goal, one of his many admirable qualities.

As life goals, such as maintaining a healthy diet, getting plenty of sleep, exercising regularly, and reducing stress are all goals to which we aspire, a wellness program is the first step in achieving those goals. Corporate wellness programs can also create a more caring, committed, and compassionate work environment and reinforce co-workers sense of team spirit as well. Jeffry Schneider has discovered, in the course of his own experiences, that healthy habits the foundational building blocks of a cohesive workplace environment.

Each employee’s wellbeing contributes to the wellbeing of the team. The spread of bacteria and viruses in the workplace increases company downtime and can also be costly. Seeing a medical professional usually necessitates copays and sometimes even prescription costs. Employees may be trying to adhere to a budget and additional healthcare costs may be a burden. Instilling an officewide wellness program can provide relief for these staff members while strengthening the health of the team which is one of the many reasons why Jeff champions these programs. Now, with his personal and professional life thriving through teamwork, unity, and mental clarity, Jeffry Schneider is living proof that adhering to a personal wellness program can positively change your world. Visit his website:

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