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Jared Haftel: What His Finance Career Has Done So Far

Jared Haftel is a graduate of Duke University, where he majored in Science Economics and Maths. He is currently an MBA students at Stanford School of business.

His professional experience is mainly in the investment banking sector, where he has worked for major institutions like; Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America and associate at vector capital. He is currently serving a investment analyst with Vector Capital.

In these roles, Jared has been able to conduct market research and analysis on commodities markets ranging from; metals, chemicals and general mining. He also researched and analyzed major energy and mining companies like console Energy,Geoeye and others. It is important to mention that in his analyst positions, he has conducted, analyzed market analysis for defense and aerospace industries.

His main skills includes Investment Banking, Market research, Leveraged Buyouts Management(LBO’s) Valuation expert in both Market Valuation, P/E and FCF techniques.

He is also accomplished in Financial Modelling, having conducted Business valuation,

Scenario planning, Capital budgeting, WACC calculations, Financial statement analysis,

Project finance and evaluations of Mergers and Acquisitions.

Finally, in his experience, Jared has helped develop investor education content, facilitated investor education clinics and helped generate tailor-made investment plans to be used by Investment planning managers and, customer advisory team.

Apart from his experience, Jared is a writer and Invest carrier adviser. He is a popular social media personality, writes invaluable carrier choice op-eds for young people considering a career in Investment banking.

His witting appears, on his blog, on CNN reports, on Tacck, Tumbler, Duke Chronicle, and other social websites. He has been writing since his undergrad years at Duke University, where his reviews and articles were featured on Duke “Chronicle” The college newspaper.

He is also involved both in, alumni activities for his Alma mater, Duke University, and graduate student activities at Stanford Business School.

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