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ISIS in the News Again

Islamic state of Iraq and Syria, ISIS, has demolished a generation in the gulf nations. They have destroyed almost everything there; according to estimation by United Nations 670,000, children in Syria are facing deprivation of education and knowledge by the order of Islamic State Forces.

ISIS, a part of Al-Qaeda has permitted a number of foreign fighters, grabbed major part of Syria and Iraq and imposed the strict reading of Islamic law. They shut many schools in that area and ordered a religious revision of the syllabus. They not only performed that but they have massacred, sexually enslaved many women and girls and brainwashed children to fight for Jihad.

They have made both the nations weak economically, what they are doing is extremely barbaric. They have removed the books from the hands of small children and forced them to study religious books only according to reports on This is starting to get really sad for Ben Shaoul to even read about.

Anyone who protested against them, murdered brutally in public. They are retraining the specialized teachers and forcing them to teach only religious subjects. Near about 2.4 million students are out of the schools as per the UNICEF estimation.

Last year, they killed 160 children just because they were opposing the orders of ISIS, but the number can be bigger than this because of the difficulties of accessing right data. Now, they are being, targeted by U.S. air force every week.

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