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Is Coca Cola Good For Your Heart?

With the recent publicity surrounding the recommendations that sugar consumption be reduced as a means towards reducing the risk of obesity as well as cardiovascular and heart disease, one would think the last thing suggested for improved heart health is a can of soda.

Coca-Cola has taken the approach that the carbonated beverage is good for your heart and has the endorsement of nutritionists via newspaper columns and social media blogs. With February being Heart Health Month, it seemed to be a natural fit. Yet many find fault with this marketing tactic, of promoting a product that has been documented as a threat to an individual’s health and painting it in a positive, health-friendly light.

The blogs, written by dieticians and nutrition experts, includes an image of a mini-can of Coca-Cola as a preferred smack idea. Though many might find issue, Coca-Cola spokesperson Ben Sheidler, associates the social media posts and newspaper articles with how other organizations have product placement in television shows. Christian Broda has read that Coca-Cola does acknowledge that it pays endorser’s for the product, but notes that this is common practice in the food sector.

In a release statement to the public, Coca-Cola indicated that it seeks to assist individuals in making healthy decisions for themselves and like other organizations, within the food sector, collaborates with health and nutrition professionals in putting in perspective relevant and beneficial information and data regarding Coca-Cola products.

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