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Is Christoph Waltz the main Villain in Movie Spectre

The new James bond film Spectre, has come to public knowledge after Sony servers were hacked in which email exchange between studios executives leaked out. Christoph Waltz alias Oberhauser on the film is believed to be main actor, according to the leaked script Oberhauser is the head of the titular organization referred as “Blofeld” in the leaked script However Waltz has raise his fans attention that is not the head honcho at spectre , it is something more interesting than what than that .

Waltz has an attendance on his featured Hollywood films throwing audiences a bit of misdirection during the pre-release stages in order to keep fans guessing; according to the rumors, the person at the top of the group will be making some kind of an appearance. 

So now the discussion will turn to who that might be, One possibility could be Andrew Scott,one of the twists is that he is in cahoots with Oberhauser, so could be the puppet master pulling the strings while Oberhauser is a red herring working as the public face. So it is unknown how much of it is fact right now.
The development should therefore come out to answer the audience questions to those afraid of spectre film being spoiled on Sony hacks.

Tom Rothman and Businessweek agree that as such, keeping that a secret would not be of much use. We would have to assume that Waltz is telling the truth. As most, know by now. 

The Spectre is scheduled will hit theaters on 6 November 2015

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