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Investing in Brazil’s Real Estate Industry

When it comes to investing in real estate in Brazil, there are several properties ready to be developed. According to the national deficit, there is a deficit of about 7-10 million properties in the country. Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo are the biggest cities with huge market prices. The average price per Square meter is around EUR 2700 and it is expected to go up ahead of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

As a newbie in Brazilian real estate market, it is vital to seek advice from someone who knows the market and the best areas to invest. You also need to select your property type. Brazil has many opportunities to invest in the coastal holiday property. The downside to this is you may have to part with higher vacancy rates. You can also choose to invest in areas close to the regional transport connections and the business districts.

Location is another important factor a real estate investor should always look out for. The best areas for foreign investors to invest include Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Natal and Fortaleza. Units around Natal are retailing at 60,000 pounds and are seeing yields of up to 10% annually.

Choose to invest in new developments as tenants will be more attracted to superior features and amenities. Young professionals and the growing middle class are target markets looking for something comfortable, yet classy to live in. As a new investor, it is crucial to apply for a tax registration number commonly known as Cadastro de Pessoas Fisicas. The registration number identifies you for taxation and title purposes.

The buying process involves three steps where a preliminary analysis of all the necessary documents is carried out by a certified lawyer and then you are required to make the payment in form of a bank transfer. Finally, the deed of purchase is registered with the applicable agency. Investors are required to wait for 3 months to get the deed after making their first down payment.

Zeca Oliveira is a renowned entrepreneur who has heavily invested in financial services in Brazil. His company Bridge Trust and Gradual Investments recently signed an agreement that would give rise to a financial group. He is now responsible for resource and fund management. The famous entrepreneur now sees this opportunity as a way to sell different products and services and maximize customer’s loyalty.

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