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In Shape And Looking Great

For the first time in over 16 years FBI agents are going to have to pass a fitness test. Years ago J Edgar Hoover was obsessed with the weight and the strength of the FBI agents on his force. He thought that it was very important for them to be in good health. After that the FBI stopped focusing so much on a person’s weight and strength, and they focus more on their ability to fight crime using other measures. Many FBI agents are in good health, but they may not be able to pass a test that assesses their physical ability. For that reason now they are being encouraged to get into good shape so that they will be able to pass that test.

Now days FBI are doing a lot more than just fighting drugs and gang members, they are having to deal with terrorist and serious crimes on a large scale. A partners life and also the life of the people that are victims of a crime maybe at stake if an FBI agent is not in good shape and does not have the ability to run, jump, kick, and fight. Christian Broda ( agrees that it is of utmost importance that FBI agent can not only protect himself or herself, but that they can also have the strength and the physical ability protect the people around them that may be in need of serious help.

In reality this new measure to help the FBI to stay in shape is a great idea. It means that we can have the confidence that FBI agents are not just people that are out of shape and unable to rescue us, but people that have the physical stamina and ability to help themselves, their partners, and other victims.

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