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Impersonator Sergio Cortes Embodies The Spirit Of Michael Jackson

To accurately and consistently replicate the dance style and vocal range of an iconic entertainer such as Michael Jackson is an ambitious undertaking. However, it is one that impersonator Sergio Cortes makes a highly lucrative living doing so.
Born in 1971 in Barcelona, Spain, Cortes developed a passionate interest in the music of Michael Jackson at a young age. It evolved from admiring the tunes from The Jackson 5 while keeping an eye on the young singer in front, to following Jackson’s future solo career. Cortes began his impersonation work during these adolescent years. Yet he did not gain much notoriety for his work until several years later in 2012 once he hosted a tribute show in the late singer’s name. Much of his growing popularity stems from his numerous performances throughout Brazil.
Once in the presence of Cortes, it comes to no one’s surprise that so many fans flock to watch him perform as he is able to capture the very essence that was Michael Jackson. On first glance, it is easy to mistake the impersonator for the late musician. It is not just the classic gloves, shoes and hat that give cause for a double take. Cortes goes further than just wardrobe alone as his long hair and face down to the eyebrows and chin simply scream ‘Michael Jackson.’ He even nails down Jackson’s movements and mannerisms. Furthermore, thanks to meticulous studying since childhood, Cortes has nearly mastered much of Jackson’s infamous dance moves, and is even able to fluidly perform the signature and beloved moonwalk.
His entire act is wrapped up with his vocal abilities. It is no question that Jackson had an incredible and difficult to match range, and yet Cortes goes above and beyond in that category. He embodies the late musician’s vocal inflections, and sustains a remarkable amount of pitch control. Cortes also maintains a vigorous on-stage presence and energy, and each lyric that pours out of him resonates as though the King of Pop were singing the words himself.
Currently, Cortes is employed under Destiny Projects, an act that focuses strongly on artistic development. He continues to hone his skills by constantly observing every video of his favorite artist. Although the late musician is no longer here, Sergio Cortes exceeds the average impersonator and keeps the spirit of the man alive for fans to still find joy and revel in the extraordinary legacy Michael Jackson left behind.

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