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Igor Cornelsen – Globally Acclaimed Investment Banker and Financial Adviser

Igor Cornelsen has been one of the most prominent names in the banking and investment sector of Brazil and is a globally renowned investment expert and banker. Having worked for many decades as a principal banker for the top banks in Brazil and closely following the market trends in the country has blessed Igor with the natural sense of understanding Brazil’s economy. For institutions, banks and individuals looking to invest in Brazil, some tips needs to be followed to get desirable results.


Igor Cornelsen has some useful suggestions that he believes are the fundamental principles to keep in mind when investing in Brazil. Firstly, Igor says that connecting with the local people and understanding the entrepreneurial culture of Brazil is important. The advice residents can give with regards to investment in Brazil and what works and what doesn’t can go a long way in getting the maximum returns from your investment in the country.


Igor Cornelsen also suggests that people investing in Brazil should be ready to hurdle over a bunch of rules, restrictions, and regulations to enter the country’s market. Even though the country is one of the fastest developing and falls under the top ten economies of the world, it is still a weak market and is protected by laws to ensure it is not exploited. However, smartly working around these laws and regulations in trade, investment and business can reap significant benefits in the long term.


Cornelsen further explains that all the foreign transactions should be carried out only through a bank that is authorized to manage foreign exchange. It is particularly advised to the non-residents because international transactions can get a bit complicated when investing in Brazil as no single exchange rate is in existence. The commercial exchange rate is decided by Central Bank of Brazil that can fluctuate often. However, following the due diligence is essential and the investment made after that would reap significant returns.


Igor is the founder of Bainbridge Inc and is an expert in damaged stocks investment. He has worked with top banks in Brazil and is a well-known investment banker. He is based in South California and loves to play Golf in his free time.


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