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iFunding Provides the Customer With Investments Tailored To Their Needs

The team at iFunding want to ensure their customers get the maximum amount of benefits from their platform and therefore offer a unique investment opportunity that meets each individuals strategy. The platform at iFunding screens hundreds of potential investors on a monthly basis and only lists those that provide the best outcomes. There are many real estate properties on offer some of these include, mixed used spaces, commercial, mobile home park portfolios. condo estates, multi family buildings, home refurbishments or even new home construction. On the iFunding platform it is possible to achieve extremely strong due diligence on the investment opportunities available as well as very detailed monitoring process. All documents relating to the pre-vetted deals are supplied online by the iFunding team. This includes construction and insurance certificates, project/developer background research, pro forma projections, comps, strategy explanations as well as videos and photos of the project. There is also the opportunity for customers to attend webinars with the operator of the project in order to state concerns as well as ask questions and direct enquiries.

Essentially iFunding allows the users to leverage the power of crowdfunding with regards to real estate investments which prior to this platform was not possible. This is a growing global trend which is essentially driven by both technology and global securities. There are also changes with regards to the Jobs Act which now allow investors of all backgrounds to access a greater diversity of asset classes that offer very attractive returns. As an example the crowdfunding platform has been utilized for consumer lending which is another asset class and this has seen the commitment of more than $5 billion.

iFunding is possibly the best opportunity when it comes to real estate crowdfunding platforms. They have been featured in publications throughout the country. The team of senior executives at iFunding have underwritten billions in real estate financing which gives them great credibility to help those interested in taking the leap into real estate investments. We have William Skelley to thank for this innovation as he is the founder of iFunding. iFunding was first started in July 2012 and has since exploded onto the market making significant returns for its investors thanks to the team of professionals working at iFunding. CrunchBase indicates they are the leaders in this market segment and continue to strive forward.

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