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Hussain Sajwani Call to Mind His Professional Life’s Encounters

Hussain Sajwani is fondly known for being strategic. His early life in addition to education lay foundation to who he is today. His father was a businessman who traded with Indians imported goods from china including watches and shirts. Most of his free time while young was spent at the family business and he therefore garnered much business knowledge from the same.

The United Arab Emirates government took student to study in the US, and Hussain Sajwani became one of the first beneficiary from this project. The real estate developer got admitted at the University of Washington and graduated with honor in Industrial Engineering and Economics. He did not go directly into business as he understood far too well experience was important and so choose the latter. However, while at school he sold the timeshare apartment and made quite a fortune that enable him meet his needs seamlessly.

When it was time, a catering business was the first establishment, that took off well and is still operational today. The idea of DAMAC properties came to being after he had to cease a business opportunity in the real estate market in Dubai. Despite the success of the company known today, it was not an easy thing to start. In fact, he terms it as a highly risky project although he had to do it anyway.

DAMAC properties began on small projects but has grown to work on magnificent structures in Dubai say the mind-blowing Tower among many other projects. This company was recently made public a move he says made the company undergo various structural and operational changes. The boon is that it does not only operate in Dubai but has since expanded globally. Hussain Sajwani gives credit to the business vision that has helped him work towards achieving it.

About Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is the Founder and Chairman of DAMAC properties and Global Logistics Services. He is one of the high noteworthy Arabian business people who seeks to have a heavy real estate presence in Asia and beyond. Hussain Sajwani has great interest in Dubai’s development an aspect that keeps him going. He has established good bilateral and multilateral relations with other key businesses and people in the world including President Donald Trump, Tiger Woods and many others.


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