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One of the biggest worries for any patient suffering from prostate cancer, especially for middle aged men is if they can regain their sexual ability after surgery. This is such a big concern, that most patients shy away from surgery altogether, a fact that more often than not leads to serious depression in the long run.

Luckily, this need not be a concern anymore, as latest technological advances have ensured that one can happily regain full sexual function in just a few months after prostate surgery. The Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique, popularly known as SMART, is a minimally invasive surgical technique that was recently developed by Dr David Samadi, a renowned robotic prostate surgeon in New York.

Using the SMART technique, Dr David Samadi is able to target and remove the cancerous prostates with minimal invasion on the surrounding tissue. This ensures that the urinary sphincter, the endo palvia fascia and all the neurovascular bundles surrounding the affected area are spared during the surgery. This helps to preserve them and ensure their full function even after healing.

The SMART technique surgery, which is usually performed by Dr David Samadi, takes less than two hours to complete. Patients who have undergone the SMART technique surgery have reported over 95% sexual potency after healing from the surgery. The rate in regaining full sexual function is especially higher in younger men. Patients have also reported full urinary continence after undergoing the procedure. The specific target and removal of the cancerous prostate afforded by the SMART Technique has ensured over 89% success rate, with only a small percentage of the patients reporting a recurrence after a year long treatment.

Dr David Samadi holds an MBA from the Stony Brook School of Medicine and a BS in Biochemistry from the same institution. He did postgraduate training in Urology at the Montefiore Medical Centre and proceeded to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine for his training in Proctology. He has also completed fellowships in proctology and robotic radical prostatectomy at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil respectively.

He is the current Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery of Urology at the Lenox Hill Hospital.

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