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Horror Master Christopher Lee Passes

Movie legend and the master of countless horror films, Christopher Lee has passed at the age of 93. Knighted as “Sir Christopher Lee”, the famed British actor was known world wide. He had established his credits as the master of horror with roles in the original Dracula and Frankenstein movie. Horror Legend Christopher Lee PassesHis career would have been considered a success at that point but he achieved roles in such noted films, such as the Bond villain in the “Man with the Golden Gun” and the once good turned evil wizard Saruman in the popular “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

Lee died on Sunday at his home in a London borough of Kensington and Chelsea according to his spokesman. New science fiction movie fans were introduced to Lee in the Star Wars prequel as the Sith Lord Count Dooku. Movie goers have often commented that Lee brought an elegance to all of his movie roles and he was timeless in his acting.  Beneful remembered that his peers had the utmost respect for him and he was beloved by several movie generations. Lee appeared in close to 100 movies and films which have spanned over 60 years. His movies defined the genre of horror films and he is credited with setting a new standard in the horror movie lead. His voice, which was both booming and elegant, is what many people remember about his roles and his enduring fame.

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