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Hillary Clinton Playing Up to Her Gender in Bid to Court Female Vote

Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democrat nominee for the 2016 presidential election, is hard at work trying to gain a lock on the female vote by playing gender politics. The former junior senator from New York has themes of gender inequality, male chauvinism, and the glass ceiling in her paid speaking engagements. Back in 2008, it was Barrack Obama who captured the female vote during the primaries. Now, Mrs. Clinton is avidly making not so subtle reminders to female voters that it is time for a woman to be in the president of the United States.

Should Mrs. Clinton gain a lock on the female vote, it would give her a serious electoral advantage over any GOP rival. Barrack Obama carried the female vote in both the 2008 and 2012 elections with one notable difference in 2012: the white female vote. Mitt Romney carried that key demographic by a wide margin of 56% to 42% over Obama. One thing is certain and that is Mrs. Clinton has done her homework. She is actively courting that demographic which will be essential for her victory.Time has worked well for Mrs. Clinton, age 67. Tom Rothman feels like she is as sharp as ever. She has learned to be more personal in her speeches before audiences. This may help her better connect with voters. In the past, she came across as measured and rigid. Pundits believe she will make a gender politics a core part of her presidential message.

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