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Here’s How Leading Digital Marketing Agency White Shark Media Handles Their Most Common Complaints

Every company, no matter how wonderful they may be, will eventually receive a complaint from a customer. Some people may have had a truly bad experience and others may just be impossible to please. Whatever the reason may be, it is important for businesses to be proactive about the complaints they receive. Not every business has a method of managing these issues, so it is refreshing when one is entirely open about the complaints they hear, and how they handle them.
White Shark Media has not just been open with what complaints they have heard from their customers; they have actually used these complaints to improve how they do business. In fact, they willingly admit that they have used the suggestions of others to make their services more on target with what people need.
How have they changed? They spend more effort helping clients to understand what their campaigns entail. They are working more diligently to provide people with better customer service. To do this, they meet with their customers monthly to provide status reports, and the contact person who initially sets up an account will continue to monitor the account over the long term.
White Shark Media also makes themselves available to their clients and to potential clients by offering a blog, monitored social media accounts:Facebook, Google Plus and Yelp. . They are easy to find, easy to reach and make themselves accountable for living up to the promises they make. Clients with concerns or complaints are never deleted or ignored, but taken seriously. The company has learned that this is the best way to make themselves more competitive over time.
The result of their efforts has been positive. New clients are consistently happier, long term clients are noticing and praising the changes and review sites are noting the dedication they have to the happiness and satisfaction of the people they serve. White Shark Media has set the standard for how companies should treat the complaints they receive; not with shame or denial, but as a learning experience.

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